Create Cooperation between Our Community, Our Board and Our Community Leaders.

Our School Board has been embroiled in conflict with other agencies and each other, that has created problems for the reputation of the LCSD BOE. We need board members who can bring people together, not divide them.  

Avoid Raising Taxes

Do you want to pay more taxes in Lee County?  The current Board voted 6-1 to hold a special election for a half-penny sales tax referendum at a cost of nearly $1M compared to $50 to put it on the general ballot, just to ask you that question. The LCSD Board’s Plan B is to borrow more money. I oppose the half-penny sales tax referendum and the way it was decided, with little to no transparency or public input. 


Recruit and Retain Our Teachers and Support Staff

  I will continue to listen to employees and be their voice on the board, valuing our employees as professionals, and advocating for equitable pay and benefits.

Improve School Safety and Security

I applaud Lee County School District for increasing school safety and increasing the number of School Resource Officers (SRO) in our schools through their partnership with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. Thank you to Mike Scott and The Lee County Sheriff’s Office for deploying an additional 40 SROs in our schools through the end of the school year, at no additional cost to the District.  


We must continue to make safety a priority in our schools.

Increase Our Graduation Rate

More than a quarter of Lee County School District high school students leave high school without a standard high school diploma. We must increase our graduation rate and have a pathway for our students to become viable and valuable members of our community by ensuring that all students are college and/or career ready. 

Ensure Supportive Resources for Children with Behavioral, Mental Health and Trauma Concerns

Increase the number of mental health workers in our schools. According to the Florida Dept of Education, LCSD currently employs only 151 School Counselors, 38 Social Workers, and 26 School Psychologists to support nearly 93k students.